5 Productivity Hacks That Will Save You 10 Hours A Week

productivity Nov 01, 2016

Saving 10 hours a week is gaining 10 hours a week. If you enjoy spending more time on projects and getting less accomplished, this post isn't for you. This is for those who wish there were more hours in the day and can really use an extra 260 hours (or 10.83 days) per year. These productivity hacks are something that I use on a daily basis, and it has proven to help me use my time more effectively.

1. 5 Minute Daily Checklist

Every night, I make a checklist of things that I need to accomplish the next day. It really helps me focus on the things that are high priority objectives. You can use a pen and pad, or an app that allows you to view and edit your daily objectives. If you are consistent and list them all then you will be surprised how quickly you can move from one thing to the next. How many things do you think you can accomplish when absolute focus is applied to your life? Focusing on your daily objectives will lead to a huge boost in productivity.

2. Plan Your Ideal...

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Shinjini Das: Leadership Feature

leadership feature Oct 24, 2016

We had the fortune to meet Shinjini Das several months ago and are excited to see her work blossom as a result of her hard work. One of our favorite qualities about Shinjini is her passion and energy for impacting lives. Also known as the "Go-Getter Girl", Shinjini simply sees opportunities where none seem to exist and has proven that she possesses the qualities of a true MillenniaLeader.

Shinjini Das is a Multi-Media Personality, Keynote Speaker, Global Millennial Influencer, Huffington Post Contributor, Brand Spokesperson, and Engineer.

Here is our full interview with Shinjini with commentary by Randall Garcia of MillenniaLeadership.


Q: Define leadership in your own terms.

Shinjini: Leadership is the embodiment of an expansive vision into reality which ultimately positively empowers members of humanity to live up to their greatest potential.

Randall: Leadership is all about developing potential in others. You can't lead if you aren't helping others achieve their...

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The Investment That Trumps All Others

self development Oct 04, 2016

Make a list of the things that other people refuse to do.

I love the things that people put on the outside of a book. "Do the things you love and you will be successful. If you love it and are passionate about it, you will be successful."

To a certain extent I get what they are saying, but let me give you the complete opposite response as the devil's advocate.

This is complete garbage. From my experience sometimes you have to do the things you hate and things you don't want to do because that's where people haven't gone before. To be innovative means to create opportunity where none exists. To be creative means to start with a blank slate and create a masterpiece. Obstacles exist to keep the other guys out, and sometimes obstacles are tough! Sometimes they require you to do a whole bunch of things that you don't want to do.

Value is found in fulfilling a need that hasn't been filled. Opportunity is found in the areas of life that need and crave exploration. The problem is that...

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Why I've Turned Down Over 20 Multi-Million Dollar Deals

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2016

Yes, you saw that title correctly. I have turned down over 20 deals, each with promises of over a million dollars. But why would I do that? Let me give you some background. (Side note: It's crazy, I feel like I've written this post in my head so many times over the years, but it's the first time in text.)

Isn’t it great to find a message from an old friend in your messages? That’s hardly the case nowadays. Instead of reconnecting with friends, your friends may have ulterior motives.

Not too long ago, I received a friend request from an old friend followed by a message… “Hey Randy! How are you?” I read the message in excitement, I hadn’t talked with this friend in years!

I felt like I had so many questions to ask and so much catching up to do! I immediately began the conversation with this old friend, and even invited them out to lunch. The friend replied that they had messaged me to do the same thing! I felt that the feeling was mutual, and...

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3 Ways to Accomplish More, In Less Time

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2016

I have been chasing two rabbits, and you may be too.

I am learning to extend my time and energy, not by doing more, but by doing less. Being busy doesn't always mean I am being productive. What I have learned is that intense focus and energy placed into achieving one goal is 10x more powerful than focus and energy that is divided into accomplishing multiple. There is an old saying that says, "If you chase two rabbits, both will get away.” I have always known this, but have never applied it. The key is laser focusing your time and energy into achieving your desired outcome. Here are three ways you can accomplish more, in less time.

1. Get in "The Zone" more often

When you are "in the zone" your best work is created. You lose track of time and everything becomes simpler. Being "in the zone" is the intersection between creativity, skills, and cause. I’m sure you have noticed this when you reflect on your greatest work and/or accomplishments, they were achieved by...

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Don't Spend Money on Marketing If You Can't Do This One Thing

marketing sales Jun 10, 2016

Personally, I have almost 10 years of marketing experience to date and the marketing world has gone through many shifts from traditional forms of marketing to internet and social media marketing. The internet has revolutionized the way we conduct business. The way we sell products and market businesses all stems from the way the internet continues to evolve. One of the most important lessons to learn in this field, is that if you are a late adopter to new marketing trends and tactics, you are already behind. Waiting too long to jump on a marketing trend can cost your company and clients thousands of dollars, and can single-handedly sink your business to an mere irrelevancy within your niche.

Successful businesses pay top dollar for marketing professionals who can deliver results that maximize their ROI. On the other hand, businesses who don't spend marketing dollars effectively will achieve success at either a slower rate, or not at all. One of the most intriguing...

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