The Investment That Trumps All Others

self development Oct 04, 2016

Make a list of the things that other people refuse to do.

I love the things that people put on the outside of a book. "Do the things you love and you will be successful. If you love it and are passionate about it, you will be successful."

To a certain extent I get what they are saying, but let me give you the complete opposite response as the devil's advocate.

This is complete garbage. From my experience sometimes you have to do the things you hate and things you don't want to do because that's where people haven't gone before. To be innovative means to create opportunity where none exists. To be creative means to start with a blank slate and create a masterpiece. Obstacles exist to keep the other guys out, and sometimes obstacles are tough! Sometimes they require you to do a whole bunch of things that you don't want to do.

Value is found in fulfilling a need that hasn't been filled. Opportunity is found in the areas of life that need and crave exploration. The problem is that nobody is willing to go out on a limb to try to fill a need, and nobody is going to explore possibilities that aren't solidified in a paycheck.

I am not a money driven person, but at the end of the day I couldn't do what I do for free. I have a wife and two kids to feed, as well as my own mouth. What I have realized is that people ask themselves the wrong questions, and the wrong questions are usually asked because of the lack of understanding. I know that many people ask themselves a question similar to, "Am I going to be a millionaire?" or "Am I going to be successful?"

The real question is, "What NEED can I fill that is worth that much."

You see, some people get it. They know the game and they know how the game works. They know the rules and they know how to leverage needs that can ultimately contribute to their success in business. Fulfilling the needs of others will have the most impact on your business hands down.

If you want to sell more, give more.

If you want to market better for higher conversion rates, offer more.

If you want to make more money, add more value to someone or something.

Without fulfilling a need and delivering the value, you are just playing a dead-end numbers game.

This world is numbers driven to a certain extent, but I would argue that it is more VALUE driven. If you can figure out where you can add immense value in this world, you will be well on your way to not only solving huge problems, but delivering value and wealth for yourself.

Delivering true value means that you must constantly be investing back into yourself. This requires learning from the best and then mimicking the habits of the best. You can't deliver immense value if you haven't made the investment to acquire the value. Acquiring value in your field might be a degree, a certification, or simply learning from top performers in your industry. Investing in yourself to obtain value means attending workshops, trainings, online programs where you are learning cutting edge tactics, and then using what you have learned to grow your business.

The greatest investment that you can make is in yourself.


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