3 Keys to Living With Balance and Leading With Impact.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t always got this one right. It took me a few years to structure my life in a way that would help me…

1. Love God more
2. Love my wife better
3. Lead my kids intentionally
4. Take care of my body and mind better
5. Grow and scale my businesses faster
6. Serve my community with greater impact
7. Give my time and money more consistently
8. Just simply lead an all around better life.

Through years of trial and error, trying to balance so many aspects of life and making mistakes along the way, I realized that it is possible to achieve both balance and impact.

There were 3 key realizations I had that helped me make significant strides towards this (although at times I still fail).

Realization #1

The more I tried to please others, the more I said “yes” to things that truly didn’t align with what I needed to do and who I needed to be. Therefore, saying “yes” to those things practically derailed any type of progress I could...

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How I Read 70 Books in 2017 + 8 Pro Tips To Read More for 2018

leadership life reads Jan 03, 2018

I had a typical goal last year. I wanted to read more... a lot more! I wanted 2017 to be a huge boost in my self development journey, so I did what many people do and headed to Barnes and Nobles Bookstore to look at some books that I could read throughout the year. I pulled out my iPhone, made a new note in my Evernote app entitled "Books to Read in 2017" and started making a list of the books that peaked my interest. My goal was to choose 12 books in the bookstore so that I could read one book per month. I gazed through the many book titles by highly acclaimed authors, I couldn't help but continue to build my list.

My list kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Finally, I stepped away and found a table nearby and started to go through my long list of books. I was shocked to find that my book tally was well over one hundred! I reminded myself that I could only choose 12 books from the list, and then did that math and figured that at this rate it would take almost 10 years to...

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August 2017 Reads: Contagious, Outliers & More!

reads Sep 02, 2017

It's September already! When I started this journey, I thought it would feel overwhelmed at some point. I thought that maybe I would be sick of books since I had set such a high expectations for myself. You would THINK that I have been reading ferociously, not sleeping, and dosing off at work... But that's not the case. As of today, I have gone through a total of 57 books (and have blogged about every single one). A whopping 46 of these have come in the form of Audiobook and 11 of them have come in the form of text.

The truth of the matter is that I picked Audiobooks over sports talk radio and listening to the latest country hits... And these are simply the results of listening in my car. I recommend signing up for an Audible subscription to get you jumpstarted on your learning journey, if you sign up below your first two audiobooks are free.

The 11 books that I also read in text are simply what I have actually done in my spare time. If you thought long and hard about this... You...

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David Schloss: Leadership Feature

leadership feature Aug 09, 2017

David Schloss is an online entrepreneur and founder of Convert ROI, helping businesses manage and create advertising campaigns that convert clicks into customers. As we discussed on our recent podcast, learning these areas of expertise are crucial to the success of today's modern leaders. I have a theory that all leaders, no matter what industry they may be in, should have a good understanding of modern digital sales and marketing processes. This doesn't mean that everyone must be experts, but it does mean that they will need these skills to survive in the digital age.

Here is my formal interview with David Schloss on Leadership and Advertising.


1. Who are you (in 25 words or less)?

David: I am an online entrepreneur who began marketing in 2007 and has helped businesses improve their website traffic, customer acquisition, and revenue using social advertising.


2. Define leadership in your own terms.

David: Creating alignment between yourself and those around you...

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July Reads: The Tipping Point, Shoe Dog, and More!

reads Aug 01, 2017

It's crazy to think that since January 1st 2017, I have finished 39 Audiobooks and 10 books in text.

A whopping 49 books in 7 months! That's 1.61 books per week, 7 books per month, 82 books per year! Who knew that this was even achievable for a SUPER busy person like me. I knew I didn't think so. My real goal was one book per week for an entire year, and I'm definitely ahead of pace. The crazy part is that you can do it too. There are practical strategies that I have implemented that will help you accelerate your self-development to a whole different level.

I am self-employed, basically fulfilling 3 different job titles but with about 10 different types of job responsibilities. My work sometimes follows me home, even when I try to avoid it, but it's inevitable that I always have something to do. My point is, I'm just like you. If you think that you are too busy to do what I have done this year, then think again. Here are a few steps that I recommend you take if you want to...

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June 2017 Reads: Fearless, Tools of Titans, and More!

reads Jul 01, 2017

Wow, we just completed the month of JUNE!!! I can't believe we're half way through 2017. Thanks for all of those who have been following on my journey and giving me encouragement and recommendations. I'm happy to have inspired NUMEROUS people to up their self-development, but the feeling is mutual because I am inspired by my readers as well.

I have had numerous questions of people asking how I have had the time to read this much. Here are a few things you should know:

1. 70-80% of these selections are audiobooks. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I am in my garage pumping iron and instead of listening to upbeat music, I'm listening to an audiobook. Additionally, the average American spends 101 minutes in their car everyday and I have taken massive advantage of my car time. You can read about that in my blog "Life Hack: The 90 Minutes Difference That Can Make All The Difference". In the blog I talk about how I made the switch from listening to things like sports talk...

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Bridging Generational Gaps: The 5 Laws of Generational Understanding

millennials Jun 13, 2017

Generational gaps are REAL. Often times people of different generations don't quite understand each other. I have often been asked, "Randall, can you help me understand millennials? What tips can you give me to understand how millennials think?" Well, those are some loaded questions, and to be honest there's not a real answer for this. Most people seem a bit disappointed when I break the news to them that there's no magic formula or secret code for breaking into the mind of the millennial generation. I can offer helpful advice on understanding culture, mindset and communication, but we won't get anywhere without first understanding the 5 Laws of Generational Understanding.

Through much of my research and studies on generations over the past few years, I have developed these 5 laws as a foundation for my Bridge leadership program which helps organizations bridge generational gaps. I have seen an extensive need for this message to be spread and these laws adopted because of the lack...

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May 2017 Reads: Mindset, StoryBranding, and More!

reads Jun 01, 2017

I used to hate reading books. I once told a friend of mine that I didn't read because it was too time consuming and that books only served as an alternative to a sleeping pill. My friend suggested audiobooks, and I told him that audiobooks were too monotone, that I couldn't focus for too long, and that if I listened while I drive I might doze off and wreck my car. You can either make progress or make excuses. Back then, I chose the latter.

That's until I came to terms with the man I was versus the man that I wanted to be. The pace that I was moving was too slow and it was no surprise that my slow progress had a lot to do with my self-development habits. Everything changed when I decided to change my mindset. Rather than just reading or listening to books, I decided to start writing about them. This proved to be a much better learning experience for me because I was now internalizing the information and translating them into my own thoughts and words. If you have read my monthly book...

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April 2017 Reads: The Icarus Deception, Sell or be Sold, and More!

reads May 02, 2017

Four months down (8 to go) and I have already gone through 30 awesome reads! April had some very interesting reads, mostly in the areas of Marketing and Sales... And a few extra good reads too! As I am going through my reading this year, I have really harnessed a simple practice that makes a world of difference... Note taking. Do it!!! Many people read books and take notes, but I have now expanded this into recording my ideas when reading blogs and listening to podcasts.  I highly recommend using a traditional notepad or an app like Evernote to read or listen to your book while also taking notes. It's a simple concept but very effective. I am able to retain much more information while note-taking and referring back to later. Here are my books for April 2017!  

The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin


This is a must read book for all marketers and entrepreneurs! Seth Godin has a very artistic way of expressing his idea of entrepreneurship as an art... And...

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The Way You Treat Mondays Will Determine Your Future

leadership life May 01, 2017

The "UGHHH... It's Monday..." attitude is one that plagued me for years of my life. Maybe you have been there, living for the weekend and dreading weekdays. Depending on our circumstances and our season in life, it's almost inevitable that we wake up feeling exhausted, worn out, and wishing we had a three (or maybe 4) day weekend at some point. Unfortunately, those who are "stuck" here consistently may suffer from a discontentment in some area of their lives. Maybe it's the reality that you are waking up to go to a job that you hate, and it's sucking the life right out of you. For everyone who has been here, you know that you need a change. Some of those changes might be hard, uncomfortable, and even risky... but regardless of the change, you know it's needed.

Let me present you with a simple change that anyone can make, and it may just impact the rest of your life.

You see, I'm convinced there are two types of people in this world.

(1) The "IT'S MONDAYYYYY" people. And the...

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