Bridging Generational Gaps: The 5 Laws of Generational Understanding

millennials Jun 13, 2017

Generational gaps are REAL. Often times people of different generations don't quite understand each other. I have often been asked, "Randall, can you help me understand millennials? What tips can you give me to understand how millennials think?" Well, those are some loaded questions, and to be honest there's not a real answer for this. Most people seem a bit disappointed when I break the news to them that there's no magic formula or secret code for breaking into the mind of the millennial generation. I can offer helpful advice on understanding culture, mindset and communication, but we won't get anywhere without first understanding the 5 Laws of Generational Understanding.

Through much of my research and studies on generations over the past few years, I have developed these 5 laws as a foundation for my Bridge leadership program which helps organizations bridge generational gaps. I have seen an extensive need for this message to be spread and these laws adopted because of the lack...

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Why Millennials Don't Want to be Managed

millennials Feb 03, 2017

Management is essential in every walk of life. If you are like the majority, you probably manage what you eat, how much you sleep, and how much you exercise. You manage to throw in some quality time with family, friends, and even colleagues. You manage your personal finances which leaves room for spontaneous spending on the weekends, splurging on high dollar restaurants, and then you leave just the right amount of wiggle room to do it all again next week.

Management in the workplace is very similar. Many workplace managers may not track what you eat, but they do track when you eat. Workplace managers may not track when you sleep, but with projects and deadlines looming it is very possible they could effect how you sleep. Workplace managers may not track your exercise routines, but with many corporate environments under immense pressure they could very well burn you out before you even step foot in the gym. Workplace managers may or may not respect your quality time with family,...

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