Live With Balance. Lead With Impact.

Living out your highest calling shouldn't have to come at the expense of being overworked, underutilized, and burnt out.

I help leaders redesign their life, work, and ministry to help them live out their God-given purpose with balance and impact.

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Lead At Home (Win At Life)

True winners understand that they might lead Fortune 500 companies, make more money than they will ever need, receive more recognition than they could ever dream of… But if they aren’t winning at home, then they are not really winning.

The Millennial Leadership Show

Listen up and be prepared to take note as we expose the importance of leading between generational lines and deliver actionable content that will help you thrive in this new era of leadership.

The Business of YOU

We all hear the stories of those who build and scale multi-million dollar businesses and then realize they aren't living out their passion. The Business of YOU podcast focuses on building a business from the ground  up, focused on your true entrepreneurial passion.

The GREATER Day Formula.

What if you could live out your most productive day, everyday? What if you lived out your most productive week, month, or year? What would your life look like? And how would that impact those around you?

With this simple daily formula, I will show you how you can shift your mindset, start each day with confidence, and maximize your performance so that you can live with balance and lead with impact.

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