Our Miracle Baby: Her Umbilical Cord Tied In A True Knot

family life Jan 13, 2020

(Written by Selina Garcia)

I have been wanting to share something close to my heart that took place during my pregnancy with Raeanne.

In July of 2019, I had a terrible dream that I miscarried our sweet baby girl. I understand that many mothers have similar fears, thoughts and dreams when they are pregnant, but this dream was much different. I have had my fair share of motherly fear and anxiety that surely is normal to pregnant mothers, and as the faithful Christian woman I was raised to be I have always given those emotions over to our Lord. I know that He is in control and He has always been faithful in giving me peace and comfort when these emotions begin to show themselves. 

There was something different about this dream. For me, it wasn't normal for me to dream this vividly and have to deal with these overwhelming emotions when I woke up, emotions that ended up lasting for days. God knows that I began praying over baby Raeanne with such passion,...

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