Life Hack: The 90 Minute Difference That Makes All The Difference

leadership productivity Mar 07, 2017

We live in the technology age where nearly anything can be read, accessed, or learned with the device we hold in our fingertips. Here's one life hack you can use to take MAJOR advantage of it. The average American spends 101 minutes per day in their car. In addition to commuting to work, those who drop their kids off and pick them up everyday may spend more. A few years ago I decided I would take full advantage of this time. Rather than listening to biased media garbage, sports talk radio, or the latest mainstream music... I decided to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. One of the best decisions of my life. I rotate between a few major categories: 1. Spiritual 2. Business/Entrepreneurial 3. Leadership & Productivity 4. Marriage & Family 5. Other self development You're probably wondering just how productive this can be... Well, I never used to track anything, I just developed the habit of going back and forth between podcasts and audiobooks... this year I'm tracking audiobooks only. Here's my results from this year (so far): Goal: Listen to one audiobook per week. Actual: I am completing 1.5 per week (15 so far this year) Hours: I'm averaging 90 minutes in my car every day.

What's does that mean?

If I only include weekdays, I spend approximately 23,400 minutes in my car per year. That's a lot of learning time, in fact, that's almost as much as you would spend in two semesters worth of college. With this amount of time, I should complete 78 Audiobooks this year. ... And so can you! IN YOUR CAR!!! It's crazy to think that the average American reads one book per year.

What else does this mean?

Well, you are lucky I am here to tell you. It means that there is absolutely no reason for you to not be successful. It means that anything that you want to learn can be made possible with free information online. It means that if you didn't go to college, so what? You can still 10X your learning while you drive to your minimum wage job! It's all about the mindset, working smarter AND harder.

But does this mean I can't jam out?

Nope! Not at all. It means that you need to decide once and for all whether Taylor Swift, Drake, or Lady Gaga's latest jingles are more important that achieving your life's goals and fulfilling your purpose on this earth. It means deciding whether 90 minutes of conversation surrounding the sports world will really make any measurable impact in your life. It means shutting off the biased media talk shows and focusing on your personal growth.

"Ehhh... that's not me... I'm not into that kind of stuff."

Well that's pretty selfish of you. How dare you steal your potential away from this world, your family, and your friends. God made you to fulfill your calling and I talked to Him earlier. He said that he didn't make you to be mediocre, to underachieve and to be selfish. Everything you do is for the Glory of God.

Grow into the person God has called you to be.

Put Him first, then your priorities will fall in line. Then you can tell me how important fulfilling your highest calling is in comparison to the time you consistently waste away. Start somewhere, anywhere. Pick up a book, pick up His book, spend time in reflection. Find your vision, follow your vision and achieve your vision. And once you do, you will quickly realize that you must grow into that vision accordingly. Every single minute wasted here on earth is accounted for. What I'm assuming is that the easiest 90 minutes that you can devote to your personal growth come in the form of commuting. Does that sound simple or what? Imagine the possibilities! Be encouraged!


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