Lead At Home (Win At Life)

True winners don’t play the game of life for the money, the fame, the recognition, the promotions. No… They are after something far more valuable than that, and it can be boiled down to one simple concept. It’s all about Legacy.

They understand that they might lead Fortune 500 companies, make more money than they will ever need, receive more recognition than they could ever dream of… But if they aren’t winning at home, then they are not really winning.

Winners don’t make excuses, so they take ownership in their home. They learn from their failures and teach their children how to do the same. They make daily sacrifices that lead to winning marriages. Winners live with purpose much bigger than themselves, purpose that’s eternal. Winners lead with legacy. We believe that if you lead at home, you will win at life.

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The Millennial Leadership Show

If you want to learn how culture, mindset, and communication can help bridge generational gaps and increase your effectiveness as a leader, then you'll love The Millennial Leadership Show. The podcast helping millennials and non-millennials thrive in this new era of leadership. We are here to build young leaders and bridge generational disconnects that exist in today's culture. Millennials, Gen-Xers, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists… Tune in to the Millennial Leadership podcast. Listen up and be prepared to take note as we expose the importance of leading between generational lines and deliver actionable content that will help you thrive in this new era of leadership. Join us as we dive deep into discussions with today’s top leaders, both millennial and non. With your hosts, Randall Sean Garcia and Wes Gay. Subscribe to keep up with our weekly shows.

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Meet Our Host


Before podcasting, Randall Garcia founded Creative Campaigns, a digital marketing and brand development agency. He has worked with over 500 business brands in his 7 year tenure. Randall also manages a Medicare insurance agency which helps seniors live happy and healthy lives. He has also established himself as a community leader in the San Antonio, TX area by serving on the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Council on Alcohol and Drug Awareness as Vice President. Aside from his career and community leadership experience, Randall is also a father of 2, husband, and avid basketball fan.

Randall has been featured in the Huffington Post, Forbes, and various news sources.

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