The Millennial Leadership Show 


"The Ultimate Podcast with Powerhouse Millennials"

Randall Sean Garcia, Wes Gay, and Will Bagget combine to give you the top leadership advice that you can find, with a Millennial twist. Find out how you can build your personal brand as an entrepreneur or corporate executive. Each episode is jam packed with actionable tips and advice that will help you thrive in this new era of leadership.

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Meet The Hosts

Randall S. Garcia

Randall is a serial entrepreneur, community leader and family man bringing you content that will help you live with balance and lead with impact.

Wes Gay
Co-host (Season 1)

Wes is a Forbes writer, entrepreneur, and StoryBrand certified guide who will help you clarify your big ideas and give actionable steps to make them reality.

Will Baggett
Co-host (Season 2)

Will is a millennial author, entrepreneur, and operations coordinator for the College Football Playoff who will help you build your personal brand.

Nationally Featured Leaders Share Valuable Insights

Here are just a few leaders that we have featured.

Rachel Ritlop

Episode 13: Work/Life Balance For Millennials

Amanda Rivera

Episode 14: How To Build And Lead A Tribe

Jonathan Jones

Episode 16: The Process of Successful Leadership

Hailey Yatros

Episode 24: 5 Ways To Unlock Authentic Leadership

Alissa Carpenter

Episode 27: Strengths Based Leadership for Millennials

Ken Cheadle

Episode 29: Identifying Your Purpose and Building a Satisfying Career and Life

Brandon Miller

Episode 49: How Entrepreneurship Fuels Philanthropy

Wallet Win

Episode 48: How To Win With Money


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